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I made this recipe this evening... and I totally botched it up! (Which is why I did not add stars. It was my own fault). I'm so sorry. I won't even post the picture. Hubby left me in charge of the grill (gas), while he went next door to fix the neighbors plumbing issue. I had all 3 burners set on medium and left the hens unattended (and covered) for 12 minutes. When I went out to flip them there was a huge fire brewing inside! I burnt those poor birdies to a crisp in 12 minutes! I did leave the lid open, reduced 2 burners to low and put the birds back on where it was not lit. We did have the hens for dinner, but all the flavor went away with the charred skin. I also made Grilled Corn on the Cob With Jalapeno-Lime-Butter to serve along side. I'm wondering if the pure maple syrup caused it to burn, or because I closed the lid using a gas grill. I will try again. Thanks for the idea (I'm sure its great). (Made for PRMR tag)

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rosie316 June 24, 2013
Grilled Mexican-Style Cornish Hens