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Another great recipe for one of my favorite fish. The marinade is excellent and the avocado butter outstanding. No reason why this combo would not work with salmon and other firm fish steaks. Be careful not to overcook. Nine minutes on both sides would require a steak of 1 inch or more in thickness. The sword fish I tried this on was 3/4 inch thick (outdoor grill) and for my taste four to five minutes on each side was sufficient.

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Nicholas D. April 22, 2015

This is the most delicious recipe I've ever tasted for swordfish! It took a little less time on our grill-- I think the second side was about 5 minutes instead of 9. Next time, I'll increase the avocado butter, it was so good! Served it with cole slaw and fresh steamed green beans mixed with sautéed mushrooms. I will definitely be serving this to company, but it is so delicious, I'll also be making it part of our regular rotation. Better than any fish I've had in a restaurant.

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p2insc August 22, 2014

Absolutely delicious! This is perfection on a plate, from the marinade to the compound butter ... wouldn't change a thing...other than the price of the swordfish. It is an excellent fish however, and one that ALL four of my kids enjoyed!

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Cook4_6 April 06, 2013
Grilled Marinated Swordfish Steaks With Avocado Butter