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Having lemon in the name of the recipe really threw me as there are only slices put on during the last bit of grilling. IT WAS FANTASTIC!!!!!! The only changes I made was to marinate the salmon for 2 hours, and then boiled the remainder to baste on the grill. With the 10 minutes per inch of fish cooking time, I added the lemon and onion when I flipped it at 5 minutes, basted with a little more marinade and my hubby and I found each other doing nothing but eating and yumming throughout dinner. Some pineapple rice and fresh green beans finished off a very satisifying meal.

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patsch July 14, 2002

We love this recipe! It was not real sweet...as you might think. It was just perfect. We will be keeping this recipe!!!

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Jacque Jacques November 25, 2002

WONDERFUL! I used salmon steaks instead of fillets, which is all I had. I marinated the fish for two hours bacause I knew that I would not be home in time. I placed the lemon on after the last flip, (wasn't sure if that would add enough lemon taste), it was perfect! You could still taste the lemon. My son thought that it was great. At nineteen he is hard to please. I served it with potatoes, oranges and salad. It was a fantastic meal!

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cookie j August 20, 2002

We had fabulous salmon based on this recipe. We always grill our salmon filets with the skin on and skin down. Halfway through the cooking, we turn the salmon, leaving the skin on the grill and flip the filet back onto the skin. This way there is no burned flavour. We have barbequed a lot of salmon over the years, and we have found this the best way, for us, to do it. The marinade was fabulous. Since we only put the lemon and onion on in the second half of cooking, they really didn't get cooked or add to the flavour. Next time, I will try to add the lemon and onion flavour to the marinade or, in another way, add their flavours to the salmon. However, even with out their flavours, the salmon was absolutely delicious! I used fresh garlic and dried dill because that is what I had. MizzNezz, I will continue to work with this recipe, but I think it will be our new greatest way to grill salmon! Thank you!

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Paja July 03, 2003

Freakin fantastic. My husband doesn't really like salmon, but after eating this he said, "I would serve that to people. It is good."

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jen_lynn_miller March 30, 2011

Very good recipe. I didn't have time to marinade, so I just used the dry spices, drizzled on some olive oil, and covered it with the lemon. Wrapped that in foil and stuck it on the bbq (mine is charcoal) over indirect heat, and it was great in 15 minutes. My husband loved the spice combo. Thanks!

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stephfunk September 10, 2009

Absolutely wonderful! My supermarket didn't have fresh dill so I substituted dried and I found out that I didn't have garlic powder on hand so I used fresh minced garlic. I also got a late start with dinner so I only marinated for 1/2 hour. I chose to convection broil and also spooned over a lot of the sauce on top of the salmon before doing so. I laid the lemons on top but I did however, omit the added onion. I thought the chopped green onion added the perfect amount of onion. This will definitely be my salmon recipe of choice from now on!!

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*PENNY* August 21, 2003

Turned out excellent..a definite keeper!!

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Sach July 10, 2003

I followed the recipe except for the onions (my dh can't eat them) and it turned out wonderful. Will certainly be making this again. Thanks for a wonderful addition to my collection.

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Debi H May 23, 2003

"ALWAYS READ THE RECIPE IN FULL BEFORE YOU START and WITH THE REVIEWS by other". NOW taken all the suggestions from others and put them together to make an excellent meal. It's a matter of what your taste is. YES ! I all-way like to made the recipe once as written, the way the chef did it. Yes I made a few alterations, I can't leave anything alone! I have to play with my food. It's a matter of what your taste is....I now have two more or is it three ways to this. I made this and it came out much better for me. What I like is the idea what other reviewer did, You can get very good tip's as will as hint's, I do add this to my notes, to do. You got me thinking on this, I like it. Thank you and to the other reviewer who suggested what to do, I love it wend someone do the recipe with alterations, and it was a hit with everyone! I had several requests for the recipe. I Will definitely make this again for sure! Thank You!! P.S...Will tweak it till I come up with something I really like. Did I get you Inspired to play with your food that what I love about cooking have fun I would love to hear any improvements and/or variations you make to this simple recipe. "I like to think that I am an explorer of food." Enjoy! Y'all Have A GOOD Cooking Week and Happy Cooking to y'all!....As well !!...... NOW I can do my happy food dance Now!

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No Name March 28, 2015
Grilled Lemon Salmon