Grilled Jerk Chicken With Pineapple-Rum Glaze

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Total Time
3 hrs
0 mins

You can really use just about any part of the chicken skin on or off, but I have to say that it is better with the skin left on. Prepare ahead the chicken needs to marinate in the fridge for 3 hours, and if possible use only dark sugar it seems to work better, my family loves this chicken!

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  1. Prepare a glass dish large enough to hold the chicken pieces.
  2. To make the rub, combine all rub ingredients.
  3. Place the washed and dried chicken pieces in the glass dish.
  4. Rub the pieces all over with oil.
  5. Then rub the seasonings all over the chicken pieces to coat well.
  6. Cover and refrigerate for minimum 3 hours.
  7. Meanwhile, prepare the glaze.
  8. To make glaze, combine butter, sugar, dark rum and pineapple juice in a saucepan; bring to a boil.
  9. Reduce heat to medium, and simmer for 8-10 minutes; remove from heat, and set aside until ready to grill.
  10. After 3 hours, prepare the grill to high heat.
  11. Arrange the chicken pieces on the grill.
  12. Brush with glaze, turning the chicken until brown and cooked.
  13. When serving, drizzle with any remaining sauce.
  14. Delicious!
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Wow! What an exceptional chicken recipe! I didn't exactly follow the directions, although I did use the ingredients in the amount you listed. The change I made was to turn the rub into a marinade by adding 1/4 C rum, 1/4 C pineaple juice and 1/4 C olive oil to the spices. I used skinless, boneless breasts cut into cubes. I threaded the chicken onto skewers with red onions and pineapple chunks. I did use the glaze to baste the skewers while they grilled. Everyone loved it. Thanks so much for this great recipe! I plan to make it over and over.

Unbelievable! No kidding, this was THE best ever dinner and so easy.<br/>I looked up pineapple and chicken because these were ingredients I had in fridge.......and voila! Way to go Kittencalskitchen. My family loved it so much we are making again tonight. (twice this month). Should mention however, I did not have dark brown sugar so instead, I used approx. 1/4 cup dark molasses. Fabulous. Thank you.

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These were hit at a holiday party! We used uncut chicken wings from Whole Foods, and held off on the glaze until they were hot-off-the-grill and drizzled it over the batch. VERY EASY! (We also substituted Capt. Morgan's spiced rum, instead of Myer's, etc. -- cheaper for a small bottle!) Definitely going to make these again ASAP!