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Fabulous no fuss, no muss meal!! I did a few things differently, I forgot fresh garlic at the store so I had to use garlic powder. I also decided to cut each sausage link into 3 sections and add it into the packet uncook, that way I cut back on the olive oil and the juices from the sausage permeated everything. I also played with the veggies. I cut the squashes into strips, added some raw potato strips (to make it stodgier for the husband), chunked a red pepper, and added halved baby carrots. I double wrapped them in foil and cooked over medium coals for 30 minutes, turning three times. It was amazing!!! the onions and potatoes carmelized a bit and the juices from the sausages along with the spices was perfect!! I will be making this little gem often, I promise you.

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Michelle S. June 30, 2009

Left out the optional okra. We used Fit N' Active sausages. While I didn't eat any, the family thought they were a little bland. Hard to believe with all the seasoning, so I am assuming the sausage wasn't as flavorful as the usual Italian sausages we get. I would assume the juices from the sausage would add flavor to the veggies while they are cooking. Next time I will make with our usual sausage and update the review accordingly.

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whtbxrmom December 04, 2015

Such a nice, easy dinner. I used German sausages and skipped the okra (not a big fan, lol). Since the weather was cold and wet I baked these at 350F for 20 minutes and we really enjoyed them. Thanks, Paula, for a nice easy meal. Made for What's on the Menu tag.

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lazyme December 01, 2014

This is the hit of the summer! This is a 10 star on all fronts, the use of fresh garden veggies, the sausage (which ours was just made!) and the minimal clean-up makes this a clear winner! I didn't have okra, but other then that, followed exactly. I chunked all the veggies the same size, and used heavy foil to wrap it up. I then went to the garden to finish up, came back, turned/ and let is go on the other side for about 10 minutes, grabbed a plate and oh here we come! :) Made for Smokin' Hot! Diabetic Forum 2011

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm July 18, 2011

This was really good! I just grilled the vegies in the foil and the sausages outside of the foil on the grill. I omitted the mushrooms (since I've lost my taste for them), didn't have any okra in it either and I didn't have any oregano. I used fresh parsley and it turned out GREAT!... Even though things were changed up a bit. Yummy vegies!

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Starlita April 22, 2009

Couldn't be easier to make and these were so wonderfully flavoursome. I omitted the summer squash and ochra and increased the quantity of zucchini and mushrooms and added one leek (a combination of availability and personal taste preferences). Loved the amount of garlic (I used the full six cloves)and felt no need to add more, and the paprika added a lovely flavour that I don't recall often - if ever - eating with quite that combination of ingredients before. I wasn't able to track down any Italian turkey sausages so used some of my Italian butcher's excellent chicken and chive sausages. A versatile recipe I'll certainly be making again. This would be so easy to prepare largely in advance for serving to guests, and such an easy way to include more vegetables, using whatever's in season or looking particularly good at the time. Thank you for sharing this recipe, PaulaG. Made for Gimme 5.

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bluemoon downunder March 21, 2009

Really tasty and easy .... we only left out the summer squash and added a second bell pepper. Thanks, I know we will make this many times again !!

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pammyt March 21, 2009

Making the foil packets was lots of fun and everything cooked perfectly. I remember making these when I was little at Girl Scout camp. I used fresh parsley and oregano-infused olive oil instead of the dried herbs. The leftovers were great in an egg white omelette.

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FLKeysJen February 23, 2009

Featured in my Book#237470. Originally reviewed on May 19, 2008. My kind of food-delicious, easy, healthy, and inexpensive. I always have these ingredients on hand. Plus you can be flexible with the choice of vegetables. The only minor change I will do for us next time (and there will be a next time) is to cut off the sausage skin after the parboiling. I also liked this recipe b/c the Italian turkey sausage I buy comes in 20 ounce containers, so I use 2 links for this recipe, and then use the rest for another recipe I like. Thanks Paula G for a keeper! Made for the 1-2-3 Hit Wonders tag.

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WiGal January 25, 2009

I was looking for a Italian Sausage sandwich. I left out the zucchini, okra and mushrooms (I used a Vadalia onion), but used all of the spices and the garlic. I heated some spaghetti sauce and my husband and son ate them as sandwiches with sauce spooned over and I ate it on my plate without the sauce. It was delicious both ways - the seasonings were perfect. I tried to cut the skin off as WiGal suggested, but the sausages started to fall apart, so I didn't do it. Thanks for a great (and versatile) recipe.

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ekypta June 21, 2008
Grilled Italian Sausage Veggies in Foil