Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 10 mins

A refreshing summer snack or dessert


  1. Hull and wash strawberries.
  2. Cut melons vertically and remove seeds. Cut each half of melons in half and then make 2 inch wedges from them.
  3. Mix the vinegar and lime juice in a bowl and place melon wedges in a large bag and coat evenly and cook wedges on a med flame grill for 4 mins each side or carmelized nicely. With left over marinade put strawberries in the bag and coat evenly and cook each for 3 mins each side.
  4. After removing fruit from grill remove the rinds from the melon and cut in 2 inch pieces.
  5. Leave the strawberries whole.
  6. Mix the yogurt vanilla and sugar in a serving bowl. Have some toothpicks handy to grab the fruit. Dip and enjoy.