Recipe by DarkLiquidDreams

During the summer I make these all the time with burgers or hot dogs. It is a bit healthier then fried french fries and has more flavor. Kid friendly!

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  1. Cut potatoes into strips (a little wider but thinner then shoestring fries. I leave the skin on for nutrients).
  2. Mix dry ingredients together - add olive oil if you'd like to baste the seasoning on.
  3. Place potatoes,1 layer thick, in tin foil. I usually have to make 3 packs of potatoes.
  4. Sprinkle or brush on seasonings.
  5. Add 1 sliced onion (cut into a ring) halved on top of potatoes, so there is one half at top half of potatoes and one half at the bottom half. You can also use garlic cloves if on hand.
  6. Place on grill about 15 minutes before grilling burgers or dogs.
  7. Cook until desired tenderness.

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