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Thanks for posting this. Elk isn't too common, and its a tragedy to cook it wrong. Your recipe hits all the right points. For folks that are more adventurous ( as I've noticed some of the responses involve substitutions ), I'll offer the "mechanics" of this recipe to help folks adopt or adapt it for themselves. <br/><br/>The Italian dressing does a few things: It brings an oil base, an acid in the form of the vinegar, and the seasoning: mainly salt,sugar,garlic,onion,oregano,pepper and some citric. <br/><br/>The importance of the vinegar is that it's this acid that will do most of the tenderizing, and these <br/>steaks are tough as-is.<br/><br/>The seasoning in the dressing pair up with the Montreal Steak mix ( which again are salt, black pepper, onion, garlic, dry red pepper, and some herbs ( thyme, rosemary and coriander ). <br/><br/>KUDOS! to you for identifying these two mixes and using them - the cover all the basis in such an easy way! The other key to the Montreal mix is the salt and black pepper are crushed, so the pieces are larger and bring a lot of flavor on the plate. <br/><br/>So - I bring all this up to let you, dear readers, know that you can mix/match/experiment with any of the elements in these ingredient lists to suite yourselves without going too far afield. If you want to create the marinade from scratch you can substitute in lemon juice for some of the acid, or balsamic vinegar, add soy or Worcestershire sauce in place of some of the oil base, etc. <br/>Careful that yo don't mix too many heavy flavors, though, and the salt and pepper are the most important! <br/><br/>Other key to tenderness is letting the mix marinade: whatever your final ingredients, you should have enough liquid for about 1/4 cup or more per steak, more isn't a problem. Mix all the ingredients together, place in a heavy duty ziplock with up to 6 steaks ( gallon freezer size bag ) and you can let them rest in the 'fridge for up to 4 days, turning the bag daily. The longer= the more tender. <br/><br/>Then cook as suggested: 5 mins a side on a hot grill, let rest on the warm side of the grill or in the oven and enjoy!

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JBylancik April 12, 2013

I tenderized the heck out of it with a fork, sprinkled with simply organic steak seasoning, poured a tbsp of canola oil over top, then repeated on the other side, dashed the top side with red wine vinegar. Let it sit for about 15 min. Pan fried for about 4 mins in first side and 2 mins second side. Slightly pink, juicy and delicious. Thanks for leading us in the right direction....soon good!

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kjhelpingyoumove March 31, 2013

Followed the recipe for two elk steaks, substituting Newman's Own olive oil plus vinegar. Marinated for just two hours, grilled 7 minutes each side at medium heat (400° F), resulting in perfect pink interior. Steak was tough. Will marinate for at least 2 days next time.

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sylvestag July 04, 2011

Can't give this enough stars, DH and I loved this. It's our first time having Elk as we're not hunters - but the neighbor is and he gave us several packs of meat. I only had the dry Italian seasoning so pre-mixed it with Basalmic vinager per directions, then poured over meat with spices as directed (on one side) marinated for about 4 hours then DH grilled on the bar-b-q. It was sooooo good - DH may have to become a hunter!! Made a gravy out of the marinade, served with steamed rice and brocolli and a nice red wine. Just to good, thanks so much for posting.

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Bonnie G #2 November 17, 2009

this is how i do it sometimes and it's really good. elk is my favorite, but this works w/ venison too and helps to get rid of the gamer flavor of venison. i've even left it marinating in the fridge for 2+ days w/ excellent results. BTW- even better cut into bite sized pieces and wrapped in bacon before grilling LOL! :)

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MuddyMommaPottery July 15, 2008
Grilled Elk Steaks