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This is a restaurant-quality salad. I really would not be surprised to find this on the menu at Applebee's or some such. I found a couple ways to make it slightly healthier, and nearly cut the calories in half. First, I used turkey bacon, mostly because it is what I had on hand. I also omitted the oil for frying the chicken, and just used the slight grease from the bacon. I halved the mayonnaise because I wanted a stronger barbecue flavor and I ended up leaving out the onion, due to error on my part. I had to leave out the onion because I cooked it first, instead of last, so that it would cook while I was cutting the meats. This resulted in them becoming cold and slimy by the time everything else was ready. Luckily, I had some french-fried onions on hand, so I threw a handful into the salad to make up for the taste. I also used a bag of chopped lettuce for the base. I think this would be a good at-work lunch if it is assembled at the table. This is definitely something I will make again, especially with warmer weather coming. Thanks Debber!

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ksduffster March 21, 2007
Grilled Chicken Gourmet-Style Salad