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"Give me more!" demanded DH. He forgot to complain that he had no meat for his supper; he didn't miss corned beef or Thousand Island Dressing at all. Supper ended when I ran out of Gruyere. I used imported Gruyere, Pepperidge Farm Pumpernickel, and Libby's Crispy Sauerkraut. I am so glad I used premium ingredients. I explained to DH:that sauerkraut is strong, so the cheese needs to be strong in taste. Sauerkraut, even after draining, tends to be wet, so the cheese needs to create a barrier to prevent the crust from getting soggy; Gruyere is a rather "hard" cheese. I returned to the market a second day to get Pumpernickel rather than a rye/pumpernickel loaf; again, the stronger taste is better for sauerkraut. By enclosing the sauerkraut between slices of Gruyere cheese, the sandwich never became soggy. Yes, we enjoyed them immensely! Made for Please Review My Recipe tag.

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KateL June 27, 2011

Needed something quick and easy for lunch today. My husband loved this sandwich and had it with the gruyere cheese and I had tofu cheese and both sandwiches were great. Sorta of a mix between a rueban and a grilled cheese sandwich. Made for ZWT 7.

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morgainegeiser June 25, 2011

I loved this! I love sauerkraut, and this sandwich was delicious ;) i had a big can of sauerkraut, so I ended up making this a few times. Thanks for posting. Made for ZWT7 - Switzerland (Vivacious Violets)

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Sara 76 June 24, 2011

Yum!! All the flavors come together to make one very tasty sandwich that was nice and crisp while being filled with melted warm gooey goodness. DH who is not a fan of what he calls soggy sandwiches said this one gets 10 stars for being tasty, moist and non-drippy. This recipe was made as written and will be made again. Thanks for the post.

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Debbwl June 23, 2011
Grilled Cheese Sandwich With Sauerkraut on Rye Recipe