Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 10 mins

This is a combination between a grilled cheese and an egg in a nest. I woke up one morning and it just came to me. I ended up making it for 4 people that day, after they seen how delicious the first person thought it was :)


  1. You start by taking 2 slices of bread and buttering one side each. Slap them on the griddle, butter side down, and add cheese to each one. I used sharp cheddar on one slice and mozzarella on the other. After the bread browns to your liking and the cheese is melted enough, pull them off the griddle and put them to the side. Now proceed to make an egg in the nest. In case you are unaware what this is, I will explain how to make one.
  2. Butter the 3rd slice of bread on one or both sides, depending on your preference. Then take a small cup and press in down like a cookie cutter in the center of the bread. Just a big enough circle so the egg can sit without overflowing over the sides of the bread. I used a cup that was about 2 inches in diameter. Slap the bread on the griddle and crack an egg in the middle of it. Break the yolk, add salt and pepper, just however you like your egg you can do whatever. After one side is cooked, flip it over and cook the other side. Make sure the heat isn't to high, as it is easy to burn the bread and have an uncooked egg in the middle :(
  3. When it's done, place it on top of one of the cheesed bread slices and place the other cheesed bread on top. And now you have a "Grilled Cheese In A Nest" You can also microwave it for 10 seconds or so, so the cheese is extra melty :) Enjoy and tell me what you think.


Most Helpful

I have made eggs in a nest many times for my kids but this recipe really mixed it up and turned out great!! I used slices of American cheese on one side and Italian blend cheese on the other and everyone loved them. Served them as Breakfast for Dinner with Recipe #225749 and it was a hit!

Sooz Cooks March 02, 2009

Great idea and great tasting too. The reviewer who said the egg taste is hardly noticeable, I found if you need more egg flavor, you can add a second egg in a nest. But if that is too much bread or just to filling for you, you could always fry an egg normally and add it in the middle of the sandwich also. Hope that helps you :)

Hotchick1604 February 27, 2009

This was pretty good, although the egg flavor was hardly noticeable. I cooked the egg portion "over easy" so when I bit into the sandwich it got juicy, which I liked very much. It's a good way to add some protein to a routine lunch. I will make it again.

Terri Newell February 27, 2009

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