Grilled Cheddar and Apple Butter Sandwich

Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 0 mins

This is an adopted recipe that I found to be a nice twist on the traditional grilled cheese. The original chef's comments are as follows: "For some reason, I put a jar of apple butter in my grocery cart today (childhood nostalgia?)...I can't imagine I'm the only one in the world to come up with this, but I dreamt it up today, and I didn't see it on here it is! My 13-month-old daughter ate it right up and literally screamed for more! I used mild Tillamook cheddar cheese, but I think a sharp white cheddar would be amazing, too. Take care to toast it *s l o w l y* neglected (burnt) grilled sandwiches that are "scraped off" and presented scraped-side-down on the plate, are a dirty trick IMHO."

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  1. The sandwich is assembled in a cold, non stick skillet.
  2. Butter one side of first slice of bread and place butter-side-down in skillet.
  3. Place one slice of cheese on bread, then 1 Tablespoon apple butter in the center of the cheese.
  4. Top apple butter with second slice of cheese.
  5. Butter one side of second piece of bread and place butter-side-up on last slice of cheese.
  6. Turn on heat to medium/low heat.
  7. Toast each side*s l o w l y* and carefully to achieve a gooey inside and toasty-golden outside.
  8. Eat and repeat!


Most Helpful

This recipe makes an amazing sandwich! I used a whole grain bread and sharp yellow cheddar. Thank you.

plutodrive April 20, 2011

This was really good! I wasn't entirely sure about it but I love all of the ingredients so I went with it. The apple butter gives a perfect sweetness to the cheese and they blend together very nicely. Thank you for a sweet twist on a standard sandwich! We'll be using this one a lot!

Kit Katchen July 05, 2010

I've been making this for years with a slightly different twist. I place two slices of bread in the pan, add the cheese and then apple sauce to one, let cook and then place the two slices together. This prevents the bread from getting soggy when in direct contact with the apple butter or apple sauce. You can even flip the free slice of bread so that both sides are golden. Its a beautiful thing!

Kim A. Heaphy February 28, 2010

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