Total Time
3hrs 5mins
Prep 5 mins
Cook 3 hrs

If you like cabbage, i think you will love this. BF adores this, although i'm not a cabbage lover, so i never eat any. it's an easy side dish, very little preperation, and almost no mess.


  1. preheat grill, you want a medium fire.
  2. remove outer layers of cabbage.
  3. rinse and let head of cabbage dry.
  4. hollow out center of head of cabbage, the end opposite of the stem.
  5. you want just about an inch size hole approximately a couple of inches deep.
  6. season generously with seasoning of choice in hollowed area.
  7. place butter into hollowed area.
  8. wrap in foil and place on grill.
  9. grill over inderect heat.
  10. 3 hours or more.
  11. cook as long as desired, should definately be done by 3 hours.
  12. remove from grill, unwrap from foil on plate, serve immediately.
Most Helpful

Made for July 08 Grilling and BBQ. I LOVE THIS!!!!! I took CindaLou's suggestion and cut the cabbage in half...I also sprinkled caraway seed on top because I love the flavour combination.I bet adding some rough chopped par-cooked bacon on top would be killer on too!

Lorrie in Montreal July 19, 2008

I have made this recipe several times, but as I don't want to have it on the grill for 3 hours, I divide the cabbage into individual servings, add butter and seasoning to each foil packet and place on the grill. Takes about 30 minutes or so and it is awesome, the cabbage will slightly turn golden brown at the edges and even those in our family that don't like cabbage normally, liked this! Thanks for posting.

Cinda Lu September 01, 2005

I also grilled this in individually-sized packets and it worked beautifully. Pure and delicious.

sugarpea January 15, 2007