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I only had enough time to marinade them for 2 hours so the flavor wasn't all the way through but I'll definitely do it longer next time as these legs are the best I've ever had. Bar none! Kudos sir.

My only recommendation, when grilling chicken, is to always boil it first to ensure the core is cooked. This is especially true when grilling in a high altitude arid climate (ie. Denver, CO) as it's hard to cook anything with the lid open.

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QuarterSwede August 28, 2010

This was Amazing! I rarely write a review, but this was off the charts good! I did ours on a gas grill, kept the lid open and on high heat. It took around an hour, with 20 large legs on a 40 degree night. Stuck to the recipe and it turned out just like the photo. I will make these again. Thanks!

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justin.karl March 27, 2015

This was my first swing at making BBQ chicken on the grill. These are AMAZING!!! My kids begged for more! My husband used a charcoal grill using indirect heat and he did close the lid the whole time. I had to stop the kids after each of them ate three drum legs! A new household favorite for sure. If I can prepare them ANYONE can!!

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Pharbaugh August 13, 2013

This was my first time grilling chicken legs. They were perfect! The brine made them full of flavor and the grilling instructions were right on! I thought I made plenty for left overs but they are all gone!

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YummyNina May 05, 2013

I did a mix of legs and thighs. I marinated for 6 hours, and the flavor was wonderful. I used a charcoal grill with one grate, so I made sure I left an area for indirect heat. I did cover my grill....it was very windy tonight and the wind made my coals flare up. But regardless, with charcoal, I would have covered the grill anyway. The brine/marinade was delicious. I used Sweet Baby Rays on half, and made white barbecue sauce for the other half. Enjoyed both versions. These turned out wonderfully moist and flavorful. Thanks for sharing! Made for PAC 2011.

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breezermom October 19, 2011
Grilled BBQ Chicken Legs