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This is the first time I tried this recipe. We had 8 adults and 2 kids, ages 3 and 5. The party guests were in awe of these hamburgers. I don't make it a habit to try untested recipes on dinner guests but this realy worked out. The two little boys loved them and all of our friends could not believe the flavor and the juicy goodness.
I made 4 times the recipe and made the patties big. I used a combination of chuck and regular ground beef, and I did use the eggs. I threw in a little cyanne pepper for good measure and they were great. I fried extra bacon to put on the burgers and with pickle,lettuce,onion,catsup,mustard,mayo and american cheese, it was as good, if not better than the best burger I've ever had. This is the same thing the party people said too. Don't skip a thing on the ingredients, and you will have the same luck, I'm sure.

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R-Diculous August 06, 2011

I love burgers and yours ranks right up there with the best. I didn't use an egg and they were still lovely & juicy. Cut the recipe back to two 4.5 oz burgers. Added some mushrooms. I said Mmmm all the time I munched on it Thanks team mate Photo Swap8 I am so glad I picked this recipe

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Bergy January 31, 2010
Grilled Bacon Burgers