grilled asian duck breasts

Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 20 mins

i love this with spicy tamari noodles and jasmine rice. an asian slaw and lime sorbet, and you have an easy summer dinner

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  1. preheat grill.
  2. trim fat from breasts to 1/4 inch.
  3. score in a diamond pattern, rub in salt and 5 spice powder.
  4. meanwhile make sauce ingredients and simmer
  5. put duck breasts on grill fat side down, grill for 10 minutes
  6. turn over and grill, then slice thinly and serve with sauce.
Most Helpful

This breast recipe was easy to prepare and had a lovely sauce, it was a bit like the sauce you get served with Peking Duck. The five spice powder was not overpowering. I did add some chili oil to the sauce at the end for a spice kick. I did not use the grill, but prepared the breasts in the frying pan, skin side down for about 10 minutes, emptied the fat from the pan and then a few more minutes on the skinless side.

Pets'R'us April 27, 2003

Chia, I love duck, and I'm always looking for recipes to use it. I don't know to explain it when I don't really like ketchup, but this was one of the best we've eaten. It was a simple recipe to prepare, but it tasted fantastic. The sauce was strongly flavoured, but the duck came through too. *editing to add, my sister and I made this recipe last night with a whole duck. we increased the rub by about half, and rubbed this all over the duck, then cooked it covered on low for about 1 1/2 hours. We turned the heat up and cooked it uncovered a further 1/2 hour, rested it, then served it with the sauce. It was great.

JustJanS December 15, 2004

I just finished making up a batch of these for Friday night dinner. It's not even noon yet and I don't know if these are going to last until then. I used chicken breasts since duck isn't available in my local supermarket. Chia had sent me some hoisin sauce and I dipped into some of my precious stores to make this. Good call! I just had a bit to see if this tasted as good as it smelled. I wasn't disappointed. It's got just enough of a kick for me, and enough sweetness that my girls will enjoy this as well. Will serve this with Persian rice and some Kurdish kube, a wonderful example of fusion cuisine. Chia, thanks so much for sending the hoisin, you and this recipe rock!

Mirj January 29, 2004