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delicious! i added the shrimp right into the sauce, cooked a little, then tossed into baking dish and put it into the fridge and heated it up later for dinner. thanks for posting, ill make it again with some greek lemon potatoes next time.

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dp1091 January 01, 2013

This was totally delicious! The first time I made the recipe as written, and it was so delicious and immediately inhaled by our guests. The second time I decided to make a little more sauce and just added cream to it...it was already pretty indulgent and a little cream couldn't hurt! I parcooked the shrimp, then later made the sauce and nestled the butterflied shimp into the sauce with their tails up in the air, heated it through in the oven and served it immediately. It was nice to have a beautiful dish I could make in advance and serve when I was ready. Again, it was inhaled. So with guests coming again this week, I'll be making it again, but this time I'll make even more sauce and serve it with either rice or orzo and a simple salad. It'll be the perfect dinner! Thank you Boonyas mom!

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Soygal December 19, 2011

This was delicious! I tasted the sauce and thought maybe it was lacking something, but once I added the lemon juice and zest, it was PERFECT! Such a wonderful combination of flavours, and every bit as good as the saganaki I had in Greece :) I will definately be making this again and again!

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Sara 76 April 02, 2010
Greg's Shrimp Saganaki