Greeninger Onion Kichel (Sweet Onion Crackers)

Recipe by Oolala

I found this recipe in my Grandmother's house. I think one of her sisters used to make this (Aunt Cele or Aunt Fanny). I am trying to compile a family cookbook and this is the recipe that I'm hearing about most. I have been updating it as I get more versions. I have seen a version for this without the egg but I think it was a mistake so I am leaving the egg in. I have also seen this without the baking powder (my Grandmother's version) but I have included it here.

Top Review by Sari 2

girl... you are my hero!!! i can't tell you how long i've been looking for this recipe! My father who loved these as a child was so happy when i surprised him with these!!! They were orginally done by his grandmother who would make them all the time.. I did change the recipe a bit.... i braised my chopped onions with a little oil first to a nice golden brown. once cooled - i threw them into the oil, egg, water, pepper & salt mixture. Then i put the flour ( i added an extra 1 cup of flour) and baking powder in and mixed it all together. I also just dumped the whole mixture on a baking sheet and spread out and baked for 45 mins. Once done i took out of the oven and cut into squares. I put them back in the oven with a lower temp - 325 and back for another 15 mins.... they came out just like crackers... delish!!! they brought back such wonderful childhood memories.... i thought this recipe was lost forever... thank you so much!!! I will be making these again!!!

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  1. Put onions in a large bowl and beat in eggs and oil.
  2. Add flour, baking powder, pepper, salt (to taste), and water.
  3. Use a ladle and take some dough (1 ladle at a time) and roll it out on a floured board and cut into square pieces.(Add flour as needed to prevent dough from sticking to board or rolling pin).
  4. Bake on a cookie sheet about 45 minutes, until done, at 350 degrees. Watch so they don't burn.

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