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This sauce lets the flavor of tomatillos shine, without overbearing spices or hot peppers added. Not sure of directions, I gave the onions a 5 min. head start in the saute pan before adding the blended tomatillo. Excellent wrapped in a soft, flour tortilla with shredded chicken and cheeses!

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chef blade September 29, 2003

I made this sauce to go with the Chilaquiles with Chicken. In my opinion, the sauce was a little bland by itself, just not enough flavor for my taste. I added some dried oregano and about a tblsp of chopped canned jalepenos. That perked it up just enough and the sauce was delish! The recipe is very easy and quick, which was wonderful. I think next time I'd like to try adding some roasted green chiles and maybe a bit more garlic. The sauce made the chilaquiles amazing - we ate the entire pan! Thanks moxie for posting the recipe!

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Kater May 25, 2006

I served this with a pork shoulder roast and the flavours were a good complement to each other. I sauteed an onion with some garlic for about 10 minutes, added 1/2 tsp of oregano and a tsp of parsley, both dried, and then added the pureed tomatillos, along with some of the liquid they were cooked in (1/2 cup or so). Simmered this till it was reduced, then removed from heat and added 1 tbsp of white wine vinegar and the salt and pepper. Pretty bland tasting on its own..would consider the chopped jalapeno if I was serving this with another dish, like enchiladas!

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woodland hues January 17, 2005

This is an excellent sauce and about as easy to make as you can get. The second time I made it, I gave it some heat by adding one finely chopped jalapeno and one finely chopped seranno chile. I served it as a sauce for chicken breasts, but I would use it as a sauce for enchiladas, beef, pork, or even for a salsa/dip for tortilla chips. Thanks for posting, Mox.

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Mark H. September 29, 2003
Green Tomatillo Sauce