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DH and I really enjoyed this pound cake. It was refreshing and was a nice ending to our asian themed meal! Thanks for a great recipe. I will definitely make this again.

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Sweetpea12879 September 23, 2009

So glad I made this. It is fabulously dense pound cake that has the wonderful deep taste of matcha tea and it's delicious. I used a small 6 3/4 inch round cake pan that is quite deep. I baked it for 35 minutes and next time I plan on cutting it back to 32 minutes. Please thank you mom for sharing this recipe with us. It will be made often in our home from now whenever we want a dessert that is simple to make and fabulous.

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Rinshinomori July 17, 2009

I have been craving for Green Tea chiffon cake for a while and today I just come across with this great easy recipe. So I told myself to half the recipe so that I won't over eat. Two modifications that I did:<br/><br/>- instead of using 1/2 cup of butter, I used 1/2 cup of grapeseed oil which made the cake more moist and fluffy.<br/>- instead of using 1 cup of flour, I used 1 cup of fortified cake flour that I got from the Chinese grocery. This is not the regular "cake flour" that you can get from Kroger or Tom Thumb. It is the "fortified cake flour" that has 7.8 g of protein in it. The Fortified cake flour made the cake very soft and raised properly. <br/>Overall I am giving this recipe 5 stars because the cake is so soft and moist and fluffy. It is like the cake that I had in Japan! Highly recommend using the fortified cake flour and grapeseed oil. It is worth it! My picture does not look too good because I couldn't even wait to put the cake on the plate and I ate it right off from the parchment paper! The baking time for my "half" recipe is 30 minutes in a rectangular baking tin. (the ones that people use for banana nut bread) It turned out to be very very good!

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kwongcecilia December 07, 2013

I really enjoyed the green tea flavor of this cake--subtle and it grows on you as you eat. I think Sarah_Jayne's picture is very accurate. I did reduce the sugar to about 1/2 c., took out one egg yolk, reduced the butter to 1/4 c., and added a half cup of applesauce. Still very tasty. Perfect sweetness. If I was feeling indulgent, I might add back a bit more of the butter. I served with dark chocolate covered crystalized ginger (which was a great pairing). Mine was moist, though probably not as dense as others. Also, because of the lower fat content, I think, I only needed to bake for about 30 minutes.

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LizCook77 February 22, 2013

I was craving for some japanese sweets and came across this recipe. I was in luck since I still have some matcha left over from making tea. I doubled the recipe, left out the 1/3 sugar and the baking powder since I didnt have any. Came out okay, though I think adding the baking powder will help it rise a bit more. I used a loaf pan and had to bake it for about 5 more minutes (~ 43 mins). Tastes yummy and delicious. Next time, use even less sugar. It came out a little bit too sweet for my taste. Will definitely make this again. Thank you for this yummy recipe! =)

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Sapphira88 January 10, 2011

A really easy way to spruce up the humble pound cake. I served it with Green Tea Whipped Cream for a yummy but slightly exotic treat.

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Sarah_Jayne May 21, 2010
Green Tea Pound Cake