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I'm rating this based on the flavor and ingredients. However the baking didn't work well for me. It doesn't look elegant at all! The flavor on the other hand is outstanding! I had all ingredients available and made as directed. I do disagree a bit with the previous reviewer as Green Tea Milk does have a special flavor that can't quite be achieved with substitutions. To get a "pretty" mochi I made mine on my hibachi as taught to me by my Mother. I used adzuki paste which added an additional delicious flavor. Thank you Jay I will make this again! Made for Unreviewed Asain Tag

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kittycatmom August 20, 2009

I really didn't find many of the ingredients neccessary to make baked green tea mochi. The idea of baked mochi however, is very tasty. I only used mochiko, matcha powder, water, sugar, and a little more than a cup of milk. I added more matcha than the recipe called for as an attempt to subsitute for the other ingredients. It was baked in a 9x9 pan at 350F for 45 minutes. The results: Utterly scrumptious mochi--slightly crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside. I don't think gelatin and milk green tea are needed since mochiko is fine on its own, and you can just use more milk, sugar, and matcha powder. With a few tweaks, I will definitely make this again:]

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CannedHam August 15, 2009
Green Tea Mochi