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I made this for a teenage Halloween party this weekend. Everyone wanted to know what was in it and I told them that I just used various body parts. I wasn't able to use lime sherbet so used orange and the effect was great. I tinted the punch green with food coloring to make it even greener, floated the hands that I froze curled around empty soda cans to make the fingers curl upwards in the punch, and then added the sherbet to the limeade and soda which made it sort of foam up a little bit. It looked pretty gruesome because the orange sherbet resembled something fleshy floating in green, foaming digestive juices or something. The effect was wonderful served in a large creepy looking cauldron with a plastic bone ladle. Sometimes you make punch for a visual effect and lose something in the flavor, but this one was a delicious sweet tart concoction that tasted terrific AND presented a much desired ghoulish and spooky looking beverage. It was very popular at the party. Thanks for sharing.

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Karen From Colorado October 29, 2007

I was skeptical- I thought it would be way too sweet, but it was nice and tangy and very good. Everyone loved it. Served it for a 2 year old's frog themed birthday party.

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Lise in Indiana November 22, 2009

This tasted pretty good - the kids enjoyed it. One finger broke off of the hand when taking it out of the glove, but the biggest problem was that it didn't float. Weird. But great punch for Halloween!

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JenniferK2 October 27, 2007

This is such a simple recipe to make, also made for 4th grade Christmas punch (minus floating hand), and it was a HUGE hit...the children were asking for the recipe to bring home to their parents!!!

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AMWhite October 24, 2006

LOVED this punch!! Served this for my son's Crocodile themed 1st birthday party (left out the frightful frozen hand of course), and I should have bought enough ingredients for 2 batches because it all got drank right away! Everyone complimented me on how great it tasted! I will definately use this recipe again!

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AprilShowers July 23, 2006

Fun punch! We served this at our Halloween party and all the kids loved it. I would add just a bit more water next time to thin the lemonade concentrate a little more but that's just a taste thing. The kids loved the frozen hands with gummy worms (note: I ran the frozen hands under some warm water to get the plastic glove off, some of the fingers broke off but it was the only way I could think to get the plastic off and not end up with bits of it in the punch. Laytex gloves might work differently than what I used.) The kids are going to request this for every party I'm sure.

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DDW November 01, 2004
Green Swamp Punch with Frightful Frozen Hand