Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 3 mins

This is a salad that my sister tasted in England. We had to put our minds together to make a salad similar to it. Post this recipe for World Tour 2006.


  1. Wash and drain lettuce. Cut the pear in cubes. Mix well the ingredients of the dressing (vinegar-olive oil-mustard-salt-pepper).
  2. Tear the lettuce in a large bowl, using hands, in large pieces. Add the pear.
  3. Add half of the dressing.
  4. Add the stilton, the walnuts and at last pour over the rest of dressing.
  5. Serve quickly.


Most Helpful

What a fantastic combination of flavours. I followed the recipe exactly, except that our supply of walnuts disappeared. I used sunflower seeds instead, and they worked beautifully. Katia, you and your sister did a great job recreating this yummy dish. Thanks.

Leggy Peggy November 14, 2007

Wow Katia Wow! I used a green anjou pear, stilton cheese with mango and ginger and candied pecans, as It was all that I had on hand. Delicious absoultely delicious. I will be making this treat again and again, it was so quick and easy to make with tremendous taste and great textures. The salad was sweet, salty, tart and wonderful. Thanks so much to you and your sister for sharing. I could have easily eaten this and nothing else. Kudos...Kato

Baby Kato November 06, 2007

This was a fabulous combination of sweet and salty flavours, and soft and crunchy tectures. Delicious!

SugaredAlmond July 05, 2006

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