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What an interesting mask this was to prepare! I tripled this recipe and made this mask today! I used this on my face today and it feels very soft and smooth now. I substituted the lavender oil with jasmine oil since I had that on hand and I usually use this as a substitute. I did use yeast and that made this mask smell horrible, so I might not use it next time. I'm going to share some of this with my friend tomorrow! Till then, I will store this refrigerated in an airtight box. Thanks for sharing!

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Charishma_Ramchandani November 05, 2003

Oh I love how my face tingled. Of course I had my own mix of herbs and I used myrrh for the oil. I like how the mask dried on my face too. You are right about one thing for sure, It does not smell very appealing and you look like you have throw up on your face. Sorry for that description but it's true! lol.

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Chef Mommie December 31, 2006
Green Glow Face Mask