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I liked this dish very much but I found the ingredients to be too vague. In my experience... you can't use fresh and dried herbs interchangeably. A general rule of thumb is use 1/2 or 1/3 dried herbs to fresh. That having been said... I used 2 Tbs of FRESH ginger and 2 Tbsp of FRESH lemon grass. It was absolutely delicious and I loved it. I give it five stars for taste (at least the way I prepared it) but I worry that if an inexperienced cook was trying to make this dish I think they might have mixed results. The fresh cilantro really sends this over the top so if you love cilantro like I do... you will love this dish.

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Pot Scrubber October 25, 2007

Ooooh! YUM! I am not an expert on "authentic," but this recipe was genuinely delicious, and enjoyed by our guests as well. I followed it pretty closely, and used catfish. Due to a bunch of stuff, I used less than 1/2 of the coconut milk, plus some water. It wasn't nearly as coconutty as those I have had in restaurants, so if you like the taste, go for the whole can. The cilantro taste in mine came through boldly, probably because I measured a packed 1/2 cup. Although I don't remember restaurant green curries tasting so strongly of cilantro, we love the stuff, and this was in no way a negative:-) Actually, I liked this lots better than restaurant green currys, as the flavors seemed much brighter. There was lots of sauce, and next time, I might use 1 1/4 lbs fish plus a full pound of shrimp. One other plus - the green curry paste can be made ahead. With a small amount of prep, this dish can be cooked at the last minute and served quickly. Thanks, Kathy, for a great recipe!

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Dorie's Lori April 14, 2007

This was an outstanding green curry. The flavours all blend well together and they aroma was wonderful. Cooking it reminded me of our trips to Thailand. I used grated lemongrass, fresh ginger instead of galangal and Lake Victoria Nile Perch Fillets instead of catfish. My green prawns/shrimp were a little large so it took a few more extra minutes to cook. I also left out the Jalapeno peppers as I couldn't find them in our supermarket. So if you want a green curry without the heat just leave the Jalapeno's out and the flavour of the curry isn't compromised. Thank you Kathy228

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Chef floWer February 28, 2007
Green Curry With Shrimp and Fish (Kaeng Khiao)