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Made an almost identical recipe from one of my Thai cookbooks last night. It was a little different: I used sweet potatoes instead of eggplant, and I pre-cooked my eggplant in the microwave since it takes longer to cook than chicken does. I diced it and added it at the end.
This is quick to make and is delicious!

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Da Huz September 22, 2011

I used 2 pounds chicken breast, 1 cup sliced eggplant, 5 ounces bamboo shoots and lite coconut milk keeping all the rest the same. and still found there to be a lot of sauce. Oh I did add more curry paste before serving to kick it up and give it a more vibrant color. I started cooking the chicken and curry and decided to add the rest of the ingredients knowing the chicken would be overcooked and dry if I didn`t. The bamboo shoots give this a cooling effect. Oh I did add one habanaro to the dish as it cooked and removed at serving. WE love heat! Served over a bed of red rice. Thank you for some spice in my life.

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Rita~ October 10, 2007
Green Curry With Chicken and Eggplant