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I don't think I should give this stars because of the changes I made. I didn't have that much green chile on hand so I used salsa verde and tomatoes with green chilies. Everybody who ate it loved it! I will be making it again with the green salsa. Thanks for sharing!

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Mrs. Moon June 08, 2009

Very tasty chili! I am a huge fan of green chili and this is definitely the best I have ever made myself. I didn't have a pork butt so I used two large, thick cut chops diced small and it turned out great. It was just DH and I so I froze the left overs to use in the future on burritos and such. Thanks for the awesome recipe!

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KLBoyle October 31, 2007

I'm very pleased with this recipe. But before I start telling you what's so good about it, just a caveat. I live in the Middle East, so jalapeno peppers don't really exist here. Hot and spicy Moroccan peppers, sweet and spicy Yemenite peppers, and just the generic stuff you can find in every supermarket and open-air shuk. Also, I don't eat pork. But I do love chili, and I managed to cook up a pot of pretty good chili with this recipe. I used beef instead pork, and the above-mentioned Moroccan peppers instead of the jalapenos. This made up a decent pot of chili, enough for 6 of us with a little left over to bring in for lunch today. I served them over Yemenite mllawach because (guess what), tortillas and taco shells are not that available here either. :-) I'll be making this again, it's good stuff!

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Mirj March 21, 2007
Green Chili Stew