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I'm a bit livid right now so take this review with a grain of salt... First of all, I had to more than double the amount of chicken broth and then add about a cup and a half of water (because I was out of chicken broth) to get the consistency of "cake batter" with the tamale batter. Even at that, I think it was still thicker than cake batter. Now the tamales are cooking and they are coming apart at the seams and flowing all over the bottom of the steamer. All kinds of wasted time and food (money!). Feeling angry.

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David B. June 18, 2016

This was pretty good, I wanted a bit more flavor in the meat mixture but didn't want it to taste like a taco, so I added some cumin and a ljust ittle chili powder. I also used a full pound of meat and it was still a thin pie. I left out the lima beans as neither of us like them. The topping was odd - it got sort of crispy on top but still seemed a little doughy to me - maybe that's the way it should be ? . I expected the topping to be more cornbread like. I really likeed the Queso with it. Made for ZWT 8 by one of the Wild Bunch

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momaphet August 12, 2012
Green Chile Tamale Pie