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Great recipe! I love the idea of mixing shredded cheese with chopped green chilies and then melting it on the patty. The shredded zuchinni also made the burgers super-moist and HUGE. I do tend to like really thin patties for my burgers, but this was a nice change of pace. I topped these with tomato, green onions, and sliced serrano peppers, but I'd love to try pico de gallo on these in the future. It would taste great alongside the strong cumin flavor of the meat. [made and reviewed for Please Review My Recipe]

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rpgaymer February 03, 2013

I detest zucchini as a vegetable...but I think it really comes into it's own grated and cooked amongst other ingredients, and this recipe shows just how well this works!!<br/>DH and I really enjoyed these...especially the cheese/chilli topping, which really sets it off beautifully....with DH even commenting that the topping totally made turkey burgers acceptable..and that's high praise!<br/>The 6 and 8 year old ate the patties on their own, and enjoyed them too...so a good way of sneaking veggies into their diet that they wouldn't normally eat!<br/>Great recipe Ellie....thank you.<br/>Made for PRMR.

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Noo April 07, 2013
Green Chile and Cheddar Turkey Burgers (WW)