Green Beans & Green Onions

Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 10 mins

Nice change and look at the calories. Each serving is apprx. 1 cups of beans

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Put beans into rapidly boiling water cook until just al dente, plunge into cold water, drain well, wrap in paper towel & refrigerate Place sliced green onions in your food processor, add garlic roughly chopped, lemon juice salt and pepper, yogurt and process at high speed 4-6 minutes until very smooth, chill French the cold green beans (cut them diagonally) thinly.
  2. Place beans on lettuce-lined plates and top with a dollop of dressing.
  3. Serve while still very chilled.
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Bergy, our second favourite veggie (after asparagus), done beautifully. thank-you!! The sauce was outstanding and good for us too!! A pleasure to serve, the presentation was perfect and the combination of tastes got raves. A perfect starter salad. Thanks for sharing.

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I liked this a lot, but next time I will use half the garlic so my kids will eat it.

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Keeping this short and sweet -- yummy. I added some tomotoes to give this a bit of color. They were delicious with the dressing and that's from someone who does not like raw tomatoes. Planning to try this with steamed carrots next. Thanks Bergy.