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This is WONDERFUL! Even without the crust it deserves ten stars. Ann M.

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Juliesmom December 05, 2003

Fantastic! I love it. BF took one bite, put his fork down and added 1/4 the pie to his plate. Definate comfort food. Amazing Vegetarian main dish that NOBODY will miss the meat in. Very filling, perfectly seasoned. Can't say enough. This is a keeper. Let me tell you what I did though! Instead of pie crust I used the my cream cheese tart dough! 1/2 cup butter, 3oz cream cheese and 1 cup flour (x2 for top and bottom, had leftover but wouldn't have been enough otherwise). Chilled it for an hour and rolled out like pie crust (only much much easier) The taste went PERFECTLY! I downed the oven temp to 375 because I usually bake that dough at 350. Took about 15 minutes longer but it worked! Thank you Julesong! Needless to say this will be made again.

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Nikoma March 28, 2009

I don't even know how I found this on Zaar, but THANK GOD I did! I tried it becuase it sounded different and it is. Everything was wonderful from the presentation, smell, texture and of course the taste is out of this world! Thank you for sharing such a lovley dish!

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TGIF Girl Friday April 08, 2006
Green Bean Mushroom Pie