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I made this for Thanksgiving and we all thought it was delicious.I loved the fresh mushrooms and green beans.So much better than using the canned ones.The only thing I changed was I only used one can of mushroom soup and one can of the onion rings.It was still just right for us.This is the best green bean casserole! Thanks for the recipe.

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officemaintenance February 22, 2010

My family is very traditional and doesn't like when I "fool around" with classic holiday dishes. So I was very happy to find a recipe that gave new life to this old stand-by favorite in a subtle way. I have to qualify the 5-star rating because I didn't make this recipe exactly as posted but that's what I appreciated about it: you could take lots of liberty here to personalize it and still come out with a winner. I thought the addition of some garlic would be great but not as much as the recipe called for, so instead I added the same amount of whole cloves of garlic to the pot of simmering green beans in the chicken broth and discarded it when done. I also substituted a wonderful white cheddar cheese (Boxing Cheese) instead of the parmesan and didn't add any on top at the end so as not to give away the fact that I changed the traditional recipe. Also, I took note that some reviewers said their casseroles came out too soupy, so I drained the simmered green beans completely but saved the broth, which I added back in to the final mix gradually until I felt there was the right amount of liquid in it. Really glad I did that because it came out perfect and I wound up discarding the vast majority of the broth. This Thanksgiving everyone really yummed up the casserole, but couldn't put their finger on why it was different from when I made it in past years. Tee hee I got away with it! This is my new go-to recipe for an old favorite. Thanks for posting it!

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Gina Farina November 25, 2011

I've made the original version for years (with canned grean beans), and it is a HUGE hit. Everything is better with cheese, right? Will try it with Kittencal's "tweaks" as she has never steered me wrong.

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majorfoodie October 24, 2011

I usually can't stand green been casserole. I made this for Thanksgiving because everyone else likes it. When I tasted this I couldn't get enough of them. They were SOOOO good. I will have to make these another time when it's not a holiday because OH SO GOOD!

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tiger7lady December 29, 2009

love love love loved it. cheesy mushroom mouthful of heaven!!!

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meileenandrade December 23, 2009

Actually, cheese does not make everything better. (Maybe it needed bacon!) I don't like the canned green bean variety but the kids do. I thought fresh green beans and mushrooms would help but no one liked this. Nothing wrong with the recipe, just personal preference.

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sheepdoc December 25, 2011

Don't know what happened to mine, but it was WAY too liquidy by the end. We ended up pouring off a huge amount of liquid, which actually made a very scrumptious gravy to eat with potatoes and turkey. A teen made ours, but I mostly supervised and I think she did everything right, so I'm pretty baffled how we ended up with such a liquidy concoction. Anyway, despite this setback, these green beans were delicious! Highly recommended (only perhaps with less liquid).

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Cleoppa November 29, 2010

This was absolutely fantastic!!!My husband loved it. Like the other reviewer, i will add less liquid next time. Thanks a lot for sharing

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Msjin September 30, 2010

We made this for Christmas dinner with #46922 and #79595. Delicious. I usually don't like green-bean casserole, but this one was good because it uses fresh green beans.

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naturegal07 December 26, 2009

Our family could never get the green bean casserole thing for holiday dinners - we tried the Campbell's recipe once, and it was so boring and bland. Fresh green beans were on sale at my supermarket, so I bought some thinking there must be a good casserole recipe out there somewhere. This is the one!! So much better than the traditional ho-hum version. Fresh beans are a must -- I will never substitute canned or frozen. I will be adding this to our traditional holiday menu. Thank you!!

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boomerthepug November 28, 2009
Green Bean-Mushroom Casserole (By Paula Deen)