Green Bean Diet for Dogs

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Prep 5 mins
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Posted in honor of Woody, our red-headed stepchild lab mix! One day our vet said, "Your dog is fat!" This is the "diet" she prescribed for Woody, and it worked!!! Woody safely and gradually lost 18 lbs over about a year. The best part is that he thought he was getting "people food" every day - he never even knew he was on a diet!


  1. Check with your vet to see what amount of dry dog food your dog should eat daily. For a lab mix, it is exactly one cup, two times a day. Don't buy special dog food, just use whatever kind your dog likes.
  2. Open the can of green beans and add half of the juice and half of the beans to one cup of the dry dog food at breakfast time. No need to heat it!
  3. The green beans add a healthy dose of fiber to your dog's meal, which makes him feel full. Plus, the dog thinks he's getting something special - people food!
  4. Give the other half of the can with the second cup of food for supper.


Most Helpful

Our dogs like this "diet" also... but our vet has suggested we use the "no salt added" green beans b/c the dogs really do not need all that extra sodium in their diets. I usually do not add much of the liquid to their food since it tends to make it soggy, and one of our Boxers is very picky about the texture of her food. They do get excited when they see us opening up a can however... they think it's really something special!

atlfitgirl August 15, 2007

my dog has lost 15 pounds on this really works. i buy the large bag of frozen beans, cook them all at once and store them in a ziplock in the fridge. dogs love it because it fills them up....mine did not even realize he was dieting....he has sooo much more energy now!!

momamia August 10, 2007

What a Brilliant tip!! I don't even have a dog anymore--but was so impressed with this tip that I'd stopped and emailed it to a lot of people in my address book before resuming here to give it a 5-star rating! Many dogs will be thinner and healthier for your having shared this great tip, and others will certainly be sharing it with other people, too, so dog dieting success will be spread far and wide as a result of having posted this!

Katwyn November 16, 2010

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