Green Bean and Eye of Round Steak Skillet

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Total Time
8hrs 15mins
8 hrs
15 mins

I made this up on the fly! It's a tasty way to prepare a cheap cut of meat!

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  1. 1. Mix lime juice, dressing, garlic, and hot sauce in a large bowl to create a marinade.
  2. 2. Salt and pepper steaks and add to marinade. Refrigerate for approximately 8 hours.
  3. 3. Cook steaks in large heavy skillet on medium heat for approximately 10 minutes, or until almost done. Remove from skillet.
  4. 4. Pour beer in the pan to deglaze. Add onion and cook until tender.
  5. 5. Add green beans and return the steaks to the pan. Cook until green beans are warm.
  6. 6. Serve with mashed potatoes and enjoy!