Greek Yogurt With Honey and Walnuts

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

This recipe is by Sara Foster, My Recipes. She recommends caramelized walnuts as well. YUM! This could be a great breakfast, snack or desert.


  1. Mix yogurt and vanilla. In 4 glasses, alternate layers of yogurt, then walnuts, then honey. Start with yogurt, end with honey.
Most Helpful

DD and I have plain yogurt mixed with fruit for breakfast almost daily, but she has been slow to appreciate Greek yogurt due to the thickness. I think this recipe may have swayed her; she licked the plate clean! She did not want walnuts, but I enjoyed the added crunch and think that candied walnuts would be divine. Thanks for posting!! Made for ZWT 9, Gourmet Goddesses.

smellyvegetarian July 19, 2013

Wow, is this good. I have never tried plain yogurt this way before. I bought a 9% greek yogurt, it was beautiful and really thick, used toasted walnuts and wildflower honey, ambrosia. Thank you so much for sharing this simple recipe, it is wonderful, all the flavor. Sweet, tart, tangy, sour and nutty all in one bite. Sheer bliss. Made for ZWT9. Kudos on making it into my Favorites Cookbook for 2013.

Baby Kato July 15, 2013

Don't judge this recipe by it's simple ingredients it is pure pleasure! From the contrast of the warm walnuts to the cool creamy yogurt and sweet honey. This makes a wonderful breakfast that is sure to be a repeat in our home. Made for ZWT 6 by an Unruly Under the Influence.

cookiedog June 14, 2010