Greek Yogurt Pancakes

Total Time
10 mins
35 mins

A recipe posted for ZWT - Greece. From the Pioneer Woman cookbook.

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  1. Place Greek yogurt in a medium bowl. Add flour, sugar, baking powder and salt. Stir together very gently. Stop short of the mixture being totally combined. You want the pancakes to have some interesting texture.
  2. Whisk eggs in a separate bowl. Add vanilla to eggs and stir to combine. Pour egg mixture into the Greek yogurt-flour mixture. Stir together gently. Don�t worry about the mixture being totally combined; a little white and yellow swirling is fine.
  3. Pour the batter onto a griddle sprayed with cooking spray, ¼ cup at a time. Cook for 1 to 1 1/2 minutes, then flip the pancakes. Cook for another 45 seconds and remove to plate. Repeat with the remaining batter. Top pancakes with syrup, fruit, or desired toppings.
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Yummy! I've tried yogurt pancakes before and not been impressed, but these were very tasty and the whole family enjoyed them. I doubled the recipe, used a 16 oz container of vanilla Greek yogurt. Served with homemade honey syrup which nicely complimented the yogurt tang. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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I tried these pancakes with all purpose flour, and self raising flour, they were delicious with both. I don't know if I made them any healthier, but I then tried them with 3 tablespoons whole wheat flour and 4 tablespoons buckwheat flour, and changed the sugar to 2 tablespoons Splenda sugar substitute and added 1 teaspoon vanilla instead of 1/2. They were absolutely delicious topped with sliced banana and sugar free maple syrup. Excellent recipe Boomette. Thank you.

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Wow! These are the best! They turned out perfect and I love the protein they provide. I used to make some pancakes with cottage cheese run through the blender, but these are much easier. They even taste great eaten right out of your hand without any toppings. I just bought some more greek yogurt so I can make them again. Thanks for posting!