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I had people coming over so I made this the night before, left it in the refrigerator and served it the next day, Oh my god Evelyn!!! it was so goood:) I made no changes except for the vanilla extract ( I cant find it anywhere) but I used vanilla powder. Your recipe was given out to 3 ladies, and I'm sure they will also pass it on!!! Thanks for a great recipe Evelyn!

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** Poppy ** August 25, 2003

Made this recipe for a Mediterranean night we were having for friends. (Started to make tiramisu, but the marscapone cheese was moldy) At any rate - delicious, super moist. Can't help thinking it would be nice with that Italian lemon liqueur drizzled over a tiny dot of ice cream on the side. Guests were delighted and isn't that what it's all about. (I used Balkan style yoghurt - which, I was assured by a dairy company rep, was the same as Greek style. It's a keeper. Te kanis! (sp?)

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Capt Nemo March 26, 2004

Thanks for a great dare Evelyn! I made this using light sour cream since I couldn't find Greek yogurt and I substituted apple juice for the brandy. Thanks for these suggestions! It was so good, my DH ate three huge pieces within the first hour!

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Dreamgoddess August 28, 2003

Normally if I change a recipe pretty radically, I wouldn't put a star rating, but since I didn't change the formula of the cake, just the flavor, I feel safe putting in the stars. I didn't have any fresh lemons (and it's pretty clear that is what is required), but I did have some greek yogurt to use up, so I made this as a coconut flavored cake instead of lemon. I used sweetened shredded coconut in the syrup (as well as coconut extract) and just ran the syrup through a strainer and discarded the coconut shreds before I poured over the cake. In the cake itself, I just subbed in the coconut extract instead of lemon. This cake is fantastic! I like the little crunchy bits from the almonds and the syrup makes this cake so moist. Delicious. Evelyn, I know this is not exactly what you had in mind with this cake, but it is a very tasty cake, whatever flavor you decide to use! Thanks for posting!

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Mommy2two April 18, 2011

I wasn't overly impressed with this one, and no one else seemed to be either. It wasn't awful... just nothing special. I've gotten rave reviews when I've made Greek Lemon Cake (#170361) and I think I'll be sticking with that one as a great end to my Greek dinners!

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MarySC October 18, 2009

This was unbelievably good! I was afraid that I would mess it up, as I've never made a cake from scratch, but the directions were simple to follow and it turned out wonderfully. A big hit!

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Rebecca 22 March 05, 2007

I tweaked the recipe a little. I reduced the vanilla extract to 1.5 teaspoons, and used Grand Marnier rather than the brandy. I used the grated zest of two lemons in the cake, and no lemon extract because to me that tastes artificial. I skipped the nuts because I don't prefer them, and I changed the syrup recipe to 1 cup sugar, 2 cups water, 1 cup honey, plus the whole zest. I didn't quite use all the syrup. The cake was outstandingly flavorful and moist.

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ESL1051 January 09, 2007

I made this for a Mediterranean potluck and, no surprise, it was a hit. I was well into preparation before I realized that I had only white whole wheat flour; there wasn't much I could do at that point so I pressed on. I made sure to beat everything well and the result was tasty and light, a refreshing end to the meal. I softened the butter in the microwave and used the wrappers to butter the cake pan. It took me the better part of an hour getting the cake ready to go into the oven, so prep for a first-timer can be quite a bit longer than the recipe says. My first foray into Greek cuisine was a success! Thanks, Evelyn

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Jessie MacMillan January 07, 2007

What a beautiful cake, couldn't stop tasting the batter before cooking it even! Made no changes, I will be passing this recipe around everywhere! By the way, this is a great cake even without the syrup, I split the batter into two 9" tins and poured syrup over only 1 to try - it's lovely either way.

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Aunty Dotty December 31, 2006

Thank you so much for this receipe Evelyn!! It is outstanding. I made this for my family for Easter lunch and they raved and raved about it! I would give this 10 stars if I could. My Greek husband thinks it is exceptional! Will definately make this one again and again. Keeps brilliantly covered in the fridge and stays moist right to the last crumb! Thanks again.

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xanthe December 18, 2006
Greek Yoghurt Cake