Greek Style Rotisserie Boneless Leg of Lamb

Total Time
Prep 1 hr
Cook 2 hrs

I love Greek style roasted meat, and I think lamb is the perfect roasting meat. I combined the two styles and came up with this recipe. It's juicy, flavorful, succulent, and unlike anything I've seen anywhere else. It goes especially good with a savory risotto and a dry red wine.

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  1. Open leg of lamb to expose the"boned" side.
  2. Dry leg with paper towel.
  3. Brush entire leg with olive oil.
  4. Rub Cavender's® into entire surface of leg.
  5. Rub garlic into the exposed surface of the boneless leg.
  6. Strip rosemary sprigs and spread leaves along exposed surface of boneless leg.
  7. Layer exposed half with feta cheese.
  8. Pat cheese into surface of the leg.
  9. Sprinkle with lemon juice.
  10. Roll leg like a jelly roll and tie with cooking string.
  11. Sprinkle any remaining Cavender's over the leg.
  12. Put on a rotisserie and cook until meat reaches 135 degrees, or about 75 minutes. (Or roast at 350 degrees until temp is 135 and let rest 15 minutes.).
  13. Let rest for 15 minutes.
  14. Serve with whatever you like. A nice risotto works well, as well as fresh steamed veggies.
  15. Juices make a wonderful gravy.
Most Helpful

Wow we loved this Roast. Even DD that does not like lamb enjoyed this. cooked in the oven and it came out moist and juicy

Laureen in B.C. January 24, 2011

Invited a few people over for Easter this past year, before I knew it I had 30 guests! Ended up moving the party to our church and it became a bit of a potluck for all those people who had no family to hang with. We had a ball! This lamb was the star of the party. It was the first thing gone and EVERYONE loved it! I wish I had a rotisserie (I'll have to get one before next Easter), but even with cooking this in the oven it was wonderful. We also used Greek Seasoning Mix #61579 (which was equally awesome) and upped the garlic a bit (I'm an addict) and shoved as much feta in as I could get which I don't think was quite a full cup (the leg was cut strangely and it was difficult to get the cheese to stay on). Next time I will make sure to get in as much cheese as possible as the filling is SOOOOO good. Thank you for a great recipe.

BothFex June 18, 2007

This was terrific! I marinated the opened leg with wine, olive oil, lemon juice and rosemary for about 5 hours. Then added more rosemary, Penzy's Greek Seasoning and the feta cheese to the inside. Rolled it up on the spit, tied it up and put her on the Rotisserie. VERY GOOD.

Hilltop Farm Guy April 17, 2006