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It started on fire.

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popnchips January 04, 2009

This is definitely something for spinach lovers. I doubled everything to accommodate my families size and it turned out great. There were just two small things that I will change next time. 1. the garlic flavor was a bit too intense and almost overpowered the other flavors, so next time we'll use a bit less. 2. even though I doubled the recipe I melted only 1/2 cup of butter as instructed. I spooned it onto the phyllo to get an even, light coverage and still had about 2/3 of the butter left afterwards. Had I used the whole 1/2 cup everything would've been swimming in butter. These are just some tiny adjustments though, otherwise we loved it and will definitely have it again.

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Berliner Goere October 24, 2005
Greek Spinach Chicken Casserole in Phyllo