Greek Salad Pinwheels

READY IN: 1hr 10mins
Recipe by spiritussancto

terribly addictive party food but it's reasonably healthy so that's ok. cooking time is chill time. edited due to reviews: they can get a bit overly wet, try making the salad a few hours to a day beforehand and then scooping out with a slotted spoon to leave the liquid behind. this also infuses the veggies like a marinade. they wont be terrible colourful unless you use a light-coloured vinegar and mix the dressing in right before serving. i like balsamic but i generally choose taste over appearances if i have to choose.

Top Review by TiredMom

My daughter made these last night for a high school project. She ended up winning on two categories of the grade, originality and creativity. It was NOT supposed to be a family recipe, but one found online, AND vegetarian. She did not win on taste or student favorite, and she herself did not like these. I did. One word regarding the first reviewer's warning about the mixture being 'wet'. My DD took note of that and pressed alot of the excess liquid out of the minced veggies with paper towels. For example, the paper plate that held the cucumber, after being minced, was dripping and we literally poured the liquid off. 'Wet' is an understatement :) Our tomatoes were those under ripe greenhouse grocery store tomatoes so they were pretty juiceless which in this case was a bonus. Our yellow bell pepper had alot of juice in it and even that was squeezed. As dry as we tried to get the veggies, it was still a bit more mushy than I would have liked when we sliced them this morning. We did not have to use toothpicks though. My DD also thought it would be good to use whole grain tortillas. I'm sure it was. BUT it just made everything look light brown. There wasn't enough color contrast. I hate to have this so long. I did like the taste of these. We tried a second batch later but without the cucumbers and peppers and it just wasn't the same. If someone can come up with the same flavor, that rolls up into a nice pretty pinwheel and slices neatly I would LOVE to get the directions :)

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  1. whisk dressing together, mix veggies in a large bowl and toss with dressing. you can cheat and chop the veggies in a food processor since they should be finely chopped anyways.
  2. spread filling on tortillas, leave a 3/4 inch border. roll up tightly.
  3. chill for at least an hour to let everything set.
  4. slice into 1/2-1 inch disks, if falling apart you can hold them together with toothpicks. arrange nicely on a platter.

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