Greek Polpetes (Potato Cakes)

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Prep 0 mins
Cook 30 mins

From Mediterranean Dishes. I tinkered with this recipe a little because Evelyn wasn't there to stop me. You'll find this appetizer on most any Greek mezethes. I want be reincarnated a potato in the next round.

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  1. In large pot, boil the potatoes until soft. Do not salt the water until ready to mash the potatoes with the other ingredients.
  2. While still warm, mash the potatoes with the feta cheese, green onion, red onion, dill, mint, egg, lemon juice, *salt and pepper. *Taste the mixture first before adding the salt because feta itself is quite salty. Place the potato mixture in the refrigerator to firm up. Refrigerate potato mixture until ready to fry.
  3. Divide the potato mixture into little balls approximately 3/4"-1" in diameter. NOTE: The potato mixture can be prepared ahead of time and refrigerated until ready to cook.
  4. Flatten the balls slightly and dredge in flour. Heat the olive oil in the pan and fry up the cakes until golden brown on both sides. Drain on paper towel.
  5. Serve warm. I like to drizzle extra lemon juice on top of the potato cakes.
  6. Yield is not known. Serving is estimated.
Most Helpful

Excellent recipe which will be a regular for us. I served them with a fried egg on top and with marinated Greek tomatoes, for a wonderful lunch. Thanks for posting such a great recipe.

Pesto lover July 24, 2013

Very much enjoyed these tasty potato pancakes, even though I'm not a potato lover. I made the mashed potatoes in advance which cut down on prep time the next day. DH, who IS a potato lover, was thrilled with these little treats!!! Thank you cookgirl, made for ZWT9, Panthers on the Prowl.

Karen Elizabeth July 29, 2013

Doubling the recipe allowed for 2 delicious Polpetes per person. Easy recipe, excellent, clear instructions which resulted in a very fine menu item, served with the main course. Following your suggestion, CG, I did serve lemon wedges on the platter with the Polpetes; I noticed the guests took advantage of these lemon wedges. I particularly love the combined flavours of the ingredients at Step 2, above. This delicious recipe could very easily become a favourite in my home, CG, and I thank you.

TOOLBELT DIVA April 24, 2006