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Thanks for the great recipe. We used crushed croutons as our bread crumbs and loved the idea of breading the tomatoes...very pretty and yummy effect. I only had canned spinach and still loved the way this turned out. I love white pizza but the rest of family enjoyed dipping the pizza in marina sauce as they ate this. Lastly, I kept half the pizza feta free for my 2 year old. The entire family loved this, thanks again. (took me 30min.s to assemble and I was a phyllo first timer)

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Tiffiny #2 February 11, 2007

This is a great appetizer if you're in the mood for something different. I wasn't sure about the instructions for the crust, so I just put about 10 layers of buttered dough on the cookie sheet, added the toppings and then folded it over and tucked the edges to make a calzone.

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Lucky Clover August 07, 2006

We loved this fun "pizza"! I had a little bit of difficulty comprehending the phyllo instructions to form the crust, so I just used decided to halve the recipe and use a small 6x12 inch rimmed baking pan. When I cut my phyllo in half, the sheets fit almost perfectly in my pan. 20 sheets for the crust seemed like a lot, so I used 13, which was plenty. I followed the rest of the instructions using all the same ingredients except for the tomatoes. I only had grape tomatoes, so I cut them in half, and tossed them in the bread crumbs. Those little tomatoes almost caramelized and added a delicious sweetness to the finished dish. DH and I happily stuffed outselves on the whole pizza for a tasty supper. This dish would make a fabulous appetizer, cut into small squares. **Poppy** you posted a great recipe.

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Geema July 13, 2006
Greek Phyllo Pizza