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This is such a delicious dish. I grew up in a 2-flat owned by the Greek family who lived upstairs. The Yaya was such a wonderful cook, and so patient with all of us kids in her kitchen. She made pastitsio for us, and shared the recipe with our mom, as well as several other of her specialty dishes. This recipe is really excellent, and tastes just like Yaya's, and Mom's pastitsio. I wouldn't change a thing! Thank you truebrit, and thanks for making this with real-food ingredients. :)

People! Please do some google searches on fat. It's not the demon it had been made out to be in the past. Fat does not cause heart disease, nor does it make you fat. Read the labels on butter substitutes including margarine and low-fat, fat-free alternatives. The labels should make you cringe. Do you really think all those chemicals are better for you than good, healthy, natural butter?

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Ltys February 21, 2012

This was excellent. It tasted exactly like my Greek girlfriends pastitsio. The only thing was there wasn't enough sauce. Maybe I made too much pasta...I don't know but I will definitely make it again.

UPDATE: I continue to make this recipe, I double the amount of tomato sauce and double the Bechemel. I also mix the pasta with the meat mixture to give an even consistency. I thicken the Bechemel till it is almost "stiff", I also leave it under the broiler @ the end to give some brown marks. My friends Pastitsio has a real thick and fluffy Bechemel. I am just trying to make it more like the version my Greek friend makes. The recipe does use a lot of pots and pans but is worth it.

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Preta75 April 18, 2011

Very delicious! The only change I made was to make 1.5x the Bechamel, Personal preference. It was just wonderful, and my guests loved it. Also, the mint is listed as optional, but I think it's very important to the overall taste.

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Cheri 911 February 17, 2013

i am greek and was always too scared to make this as i thought it would be difficult to make. I followed this recipe step by step and didnt find it difficult at all and it tasted great as well. The only thing i could recommend is i think it needs a little bit more pasta

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enedas July 09, 2009

This a great recipe! Not too complex and lots of bechamel sauce with the custard texture which is superb! Kept to the recipe except for adding half a cup of parmesan in the bechamel sauce. Thanks for posting!!

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Bohemiangurl February 19, 2006

Absolutely excellent dish! I omitted almost all of the butter (used a little with the flour) to cut down on the fat and calories, but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. The mint, cinnamon and nutmeg really made the meat tasty. I served this with 'Cucumber With Feta Cheese and Mint' (Cucumber With Feta Cheese and Mint) and 'Greek-Style Corn on the Cob a La Evelyn' (Greek-Style Corn on the Cob a La Evelyn) as well as steamed broccoli and the meal was a great success. I will be making this dish again. Thank you Truebrit!

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Lowfat Linda November 04, 2005

I absolutely delicous. I have made this several times.I use skim milk and eggbeaters to make it a bit healthier.Also whole grain pasta and oregano instead of the mint. It's a definate keeper. I get to craving it. Something different.

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Shelly56 March 21, 2011

To make this dish more healthful, I substituted Fat Free "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" to retain the buttery taste but omit the fat. Also, I used Fat Free Half'nHalf instead of milk to increase richness and decrease fat as well. Finally, I used fiber-enriched pasta elbows to improve nutrition. Sometimes I substitute chopped canned tomatoes for a third of the tomato sauce. Overall, I prefer more cinnamon and nutmeg than this recipe lists, but this dish is always a hit.

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traci_madison August 26, 2008

I was hesitant at first because my husband doesn't like the idea of nutmeg and cinnamon in anything but eggnog or pie. However, the flavors bake into this really well and he went back for seconds and thirds! I love greek food so of course I loved this. I couldn't find 'ziti' or 'bucatini', so I used penne rigatoni instead. Like Linda, I also served this with 'Cucumber feta cheese and Mint #135455'.This is great for when you just want something different. Tip: Flavors all flow really nicely with a glass (or two) of chardonnay.

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Kats' Meow July 09, 2006

I wish I could give this more stars! It was soooooo good! I ate a large portion and kept going back for more. It was my first time making it and not my last! I tossed the pasta w/ melted margarine and used real butter for white sauce. I also added a few more pinches of nutmeg to sauce only cuz I like nutmeg. Great recipe and I cant wait to cook it for others!

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omm nadia May 23, 2006
Greek Pastitsio