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This is a lovely and flavorful bread! Like another reviewer I added the lemon juice to the dough instead of brushing it on top. I made the dough with a stand mixer and baked in the oven after 2 rises (one in the bowl and one in the loaf pan). This bread also has a delightful soft texture and smelled so good while baking. Thanks for sharing the recipe! Made for ZWT9, The Apron String Travelers

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loof September 07, 2013

Made for a fellow Goddess of ZWT-9 & for Family Picks. Each time I make 1 of your ABM bread recipes, I am sure it cannot be better than the last I made & then it is. I had already swooned over the aroma & warm from the ABM taste test when DH came thru the front door of our condo & said: "I smell something wonderful!" He walked into the kitchen, grabbed 1 slice of the bread I had waiting for him & said: "Yeah, I was right! It is wonderful!". He grabbed a 2nd slice & walked toward the computer rm w/a slice of bread in both hands & a smile on his face. Then he turned toward me & said: "Tell her thx for sharing her recipe w/me!" - From a cook viewpoint, I esp appreciate that you gave ingredient amts for the sml & lrg size loaves as there are only 2 of us & some recipes overflow my ABM. Thx again.

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twissis September 03, 2013

Awesome. That said, I sometimes get ahead of myself (as I did with this recipe) and put the lemon juice right on in the bread!!! It tasted just like sourdough and was lovely! Very light and airy, cooked on light cycle. Made the smaller loaf which is perfect for sandwich size. I used fresh oregano from the garden (as we are at the end of the growing season here in the Midwest and this is probably one of my last chances to use it this year) so I doubled the amt the recipe called for and wished I would have added even more! Thanks so much for posting girlie! UPDATE: we are on day 3 now and the bread is still moist and wonderful. Great for sandwiches or for toast in the morning.

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JanuaryBride October 28, 2010

I liked this bread- very flavorful- but DH did not. I made the larger loaf and had to add 1 cup more flour to make it become a dough consistency. Then I had trouble with the middle still being doughy after baking, but this is one I will work on. Thanks! ZWT6and the Xtra Hot Dishes-

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kellychris June 10, 2010

This is a great bread! I made the large loaf in the bread machine. It was very easy to make and looked and tasted so good. I served it with Greek Lamb Stew and it went perfect with it. Thanks for sharing. Made for ZWT 6.

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CJAY June 09, 2010

I made the smaller amount of this bread and used it as a crust for Mushroom Pepper Pizza, Healthier and it was terrific. Easy as pie, in fact way easier, when you use the dough cycle. The lemon and oregano are grand in bread and the smaller amount made a perfect 12" crust. You could expect very tasty sandwiches from this too. The one thing I should mention is that after the dough cycle finished I needed to work in almost another 1/2 cup of flour as it was *very* sticky and I needed to be able to stretch it into the pizza pan.

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Annacia June 05, 2010
Greek Oregano and Lemon (Abm)