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Nice, fairly easy recipe. I marinated for over 40 hours. I only had 1.2 pounds of lamb for our family of 4, but made the full recipe for the marinade, but it was barely enough and I didn't have any "reserve" for basting during grilling. Next time I will double the marinade. I couldn't get a red chili, so I substituted a jalapeno. Served with Chilean Salad, Tzatziki and fresh pitas from the farmers market. A delightful summery meal, and will make again. Oh, I used lamb leg steaks, because the shoulder meat really didn't look like very good quality, and I cut the pieces down to 1 inch dice and only grilled for about 13 minutes. There was a bit of a kick from the peppers in the marinade, that is a bit unexpected for me in Greek food, but nice all the same. Thanks for a very nice recipe!

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MathMom.calif May 11, 2007
Greek Lamb Kebabs