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Prep 2 mins
Cook 0 mins


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  1. Blend all ingredients. Serve in a coffee mug.


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I really liked the idea of adding honey to the ice coffee. I never had it this sweet so it was a real change for me, but it made the coffee lighter, as I'vr always found iced coffee too heavy when it is strong.

Studentchef July 22, 2013

The honey is a great idea. Mixes easily into already cold coffee and changes up the taste just right. I made this vegan for ZWT9 and was not happy with the results. I used agave syrup, which I felt didn't add enough flavor, and almond milk. The almond milk was so thin, that if I was making it agiain I would just replace all the water used in making the coffee with almond milk.

alvinakatz July 22, 2013

I have to admit, I drank the first cup warm after tasting it this morning. It was just so cozy-tasting that I couldn't resist drinking it. Then this afternoon I made it the right way with ice. I like it equally both ways! I mixed the honey into the strong, hot coffee after brewing to ensure it would mix in all the way. Then I added mostly fat free half-and-half instead of all milk, because my milk is only 1%. (Just a personal preference.) It is creamy and not so awfully sweet, and very comforting! I will make this often. Thanks loof, for a keeper recipe! ZWT9

Chef PotPie August 26, 2013

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