Greek Fried Squid in Parsley and Lemon Batter Kalamarakia

READY IN: 16mins
Recipe by Olha7397

Kalamari are one of the most populous of seafoods, and the Mediterranean and its inlet seas teem with their own variety. Greeks today have added a splash of lemon, they honor the forefathers with a treatment that echoes time: Batter them lightly, cook them quickly, serve them fresh, and add to them only a dash of brightener, for why alter a taste so delicate? Here lemon zest is added to the batter, complemented by a touch of parsley.

Top Review by joanna_giselle

This worked surprisingly well. The kalamari were quite tender and not rubbery at all. My kids absolutely loved them and I had to smack their hands away from the hot pan as they argued over who got the tentacles. (Note that my kids are 6 and 8 and only started eating seafood last year.) I did substitute 1 tablespoon of dried parsley instead of the fresh as I didn't have any and I cut back on the salt a little. A great way of making fried kalamari.

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  1. Rinse the cleaned squid and pat very dry. Mix the flour, parsley, zest, salt, and cayenne together in a large bowl. Add the squid and toss to coat well.
  2. Pour oil to a depth of 1/2 inch into a large skillet and heat over medium high heat until hot. Place as much squid in the pan as will fit in one uncrowded layer and fry until beginning to turn golden, about 30 seconds. Turn and fry on the other side until golden all over, about 30 seconds more. Transfer to paper towels to drain, and repeat until all the squid are fried, adding more oil and reheating to the smoking point as necessary.
  3. Mound on a platter or individual plates, garnish with the lemon wedges, and serve right away. Serves 6.
  4. Adventures In Greek Cooking.

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