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Followed the recipe, using 1 c rice (since amt is not given in ingredients list) based on the amount of liquid in the recipe. At 20 mins, the chicken was done but the rice was not. There was also a lot of chicken broth that had not been absorbed (I may have simmered it on too low a heat setting). I let it cook for 5 mins more and the rice was done. I think just letting it sit off the heat and steam might have done the trick too. I served this with steamed green beans with spinach & strawberry salad to start. The chicken was moist and tender but just tasted like chicken so I had Evelyn/Athens' Tzatziki ...which was great. I will try this again w/ basmati.

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Impera_Magna January 06, 2008
Greek Dilled Chicken With Lemon Basmati Rice