Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 10 mins

This was a quick "throw together" meal one night recently, and it worked out great. Sorry, no exact proportions on a lot of things. It's very much an "eyeball" recipe. Use as much or as little of the ingredients as you like.


  1. Pound the chicken breasts with a mallet til they're flattened and uniform thickness.
  2. Marinate for about 1/2 hour in a mixture of oregano, garlic powder, red pepper flakes, salt, pepper, the zest from 2 lemons and the juice from one, and a little rice vinegar.
  3. Grill 2-3 minutes on each side till cooked through.
  4. While marinating, mince a couple of cloves of garlic.
  5. Saute until fragrant in a little olive oil.
  6. Add a bag of fresh spinach and wilt over med-high heat.
  7. When bright green and not quite finished, add a handful of chopped parsely, some dill (to taste, I don't like much dill), and the juice of half a lemon.
  8. Stir together.
  9. Remove from heat, crumble some feta cheese on top and and cover for a few minutes to let the cheese heat up and soften.
  10. Serve with sparkling water and some fresh crusty bread.
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This is such a great recipe. It took no time at all to make, but it was very rewarding because it was so good. I used lots of seasoning, so it was very flavourful. We had this with Greek rice, and it was a perfect dinner. I'll definetely make this again. Thanks!

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OK, Kithchengrrl, this was awesome! Only change I needed to make was MORE SPINACH!

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this is lovely! i used vegetarian "chicken" breasts and it was a fast, tasty, easy dinner. the first time i made as written other then using all lemon juice instead of the vinegar and zest since that's what i had and was very pleased. just now i used lemon zest and juice along with a handful of fresh dill and some garlic and onion powder and olive oil as the marinade and added onions to the spinach. that's really good too! what a nice versatile recipe. isn't it odd how cooked spinach, if let to cool starts leaving an odd chalky feeling on your teeth? make sure to serve really hot.