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Di, I wish I could give this more than 5 stars. My husband's first word after his first bite was "Phenomenal." I only made one change, and that was omitting the mushrooms, because he won't eat them, and hates to have to pick them out. But the recipe and rest of the ingredients were followed to the letter. This really has great flavor! And it makes a nice sauce, too. Very quick to "prep" and to cook. I'm not a big fan of feta, but I found that it went so well with the rest of the flavors in the dish, and the olives are a very nice addition. Thanks for a great recipe!

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ciao January 13, 2003

This was quite tasty, I used fresh spinach and canned mushrooms becaue they were what I had around.They seemed to work ok. Also cut the recipe in half for the two of us and we will finish it for lunch tomorrow.

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Derf February 04, 2002

Even though i found i had a few ingredients missing - the wine and tomatoes - this was an incredible meal my whole family enjoyed - Excellent Dish !! Thanks Dinana

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Leah Jones April 16, 2003

While making this I didn't think I was going to really like it but it was Awesome!!! My husband who normally hates left overs had this for both lunch and dinner. Since I didn't have any canned tomatoes I followed another reviewers suggestion and added freash tomatoes and also a can of artichokes. I did use a can of olives which I found a bit over whelming so next time i will use only half that amount. Next time I make it I am going to add the freash tomatoes last since they went too mushy adding them sooner. I also served this with jasmine rice since there wasn't really any sauce. But this was an awesome meal and will be made again.

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Cheeky Mommy February 25, 2009

Way to go DiB's ... Quite creative of you. I cut the recipe in 1/2 and I used white wine instead of red since that is what I had. The dish still turned out delicious. I love feta; so, I used it. But, for those of you that don't like feta, do not let that stop you from trying this dish. I I think it is great with and without it.

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~Steph~ January 31, 2009

This was wonderful. I added a bit more oregano, but that was a personal choice. Other than that I followed the recipe closely, and my guests liked it as much as we did. Thanks for another winner.

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tampacountess January 21, 2004

An idea for vegetarianising this recipe...substitute the chicken with dried bean curd sticks. they can look suspiciously like flaky bits of chicken.

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Missy Wombat January 02, 2003

Excellent and interesting dish.
I used all the ingredient suggestions but, instead of slicing the chicken breasts I kept them in halves. I did saute' the breasts and then kept them on a warm platter. I then sauteed the rest of the ingredients, except for the cheese. Put the chicken breasts in a 9x13 pan over bow tie noodles, poured the sauce over the chicken and then sprinkled the delicious feta cheese on top. Baked all for approximately 30 minutes at 350 with a cover and then 15 minutes without the cover as I did not cook the chicken all the way when I first sauteed them..
Very tasty combination of ingredients. I will most definitely be making this again! Thanks for sharing.

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Bellablue December 27, 2010

We all enjoyed this. Made a few small changes - only used 2 breasts, diced, and didn't have any mushrooms, so I used artichoke hearts. Also, I thought I had a whole container of feta, but only had a small amount, so I also added a good amount of fresh parmesan. I think it would would have been even better with more feta. I left out the olives, because DD really doesn't like them. I wasn't sure of the package sizes, but I used a 20 oz pkg of spinach and a 14 oz can of tomatoes. If I make this again, I'll make sure to use the mushrooms and more feta. I also would put the olives on the side so those of us who like them can add them at the end, because I think the flavor would have been great. Thanks for posting!

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MarlaM November 10, 2010
Greek Chicken